How to create a cost-effective point-of-sale strategy for the year ahead

A solid point-of-sale marketing strategy can do wonders for your bottom line. Keeping up with trends, investing in quality retail display racks and testing, testing, testing everything you do is crucial to stay ahead. This guide will help you create a more efficient and enjoyable in-store environment in order to attract shoppers’ attention and drive more sales. Let’s get cracking.

1. Make your retail display racks visually appealing

Visual merchandising goes way beyond enticing shop window displays. Once they’re in store, you want to create a striking retail experience to buy your products. It doesn’t have to be a huge technological investment or an elaborate work of art: if a design is appealing, showcases your brand personality, improves price perception and differentiates from the rest of the store, you’re going to be one step ahead of the competition. Our design process takes careful consideration of these factors, enabling us to work closely with our clients to create wooden shop display stands that are not only functional, but highly attractive to customers.

2. Genuinely make life easier for your customers

Think like your customer and there’s no need for sales staff wandering around in a giant hot dog costume. Last year’s Poundland Winter Remedies seasonal event is a brilliant example of this. With so many retail display racks in Poundland stores, it’s easy to get lost and distracted among it all. But the company cleverly placed all of its cough and flu products in one nifty point-of-sale display at a time where cough and flu products are in high demand. The signage was simple but hugely effective, asking shoppers ‘What’s your symptom?’ and giving them the power to self-identify what they really needed - rather than feel they were being sold to. It was so successful, it received a gold award at the POPAI UK & Ireland Awards 2018.

3. Work with the seasons

Another POPAI 2018 winner was crisp company Pringles, demonstrating how to do cost-effective Christmas retail display racks right. Simple, practical and easy to assemble, the company rolled out free standing display units across supermarkets that played on Pringles emotional association with family seasonal snacking. The back panel was shaped like a Christmas tree, with green tubes of Pringles forming the centre and a shining star to top. Planning ahead for events such as Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Christmas and New Year’s Eve can really harness customer trends and emotions.

4. Think at 45 degrees

Possibly one of the cheapest and simplest point-of-sale techniques is to actually walk through the retail space you’re working with. Research has shown that customers scan and view a store at a 45-degree angle from the direction they're walking in, rather than straight ahead. By physically walking around the store, you can get a feel for the way you’d naturally scan the space to make sure your customers are seeing your retail display racks from this 45-degree angle.

It’s easy to take for granted the impact at which a solid POS display can have on your sales. By being genuinely useful, visually attractive and injecting a brand personality and emotion, you’ll place more of your products in the hands of shoppers. Get in touch with us to see how we can help you create cost-effective wooden shop display stands - our team has over three decades of wood crafting and point-of-sale experience to help your brand successfully land a project from design to delivery.

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