Five wooden product display tips to sell more clothing

How do you sell more socks? What about big lumpy cardigans? Floppy hats? Floor-length dresses? One of the quickest and most effective ways to shift more clothing is seemingly obvious: make it easy for people to find it. A humble wooden shirt display won’t throw itself in customers’ faces and demand their attention. What it will do - when crafted with quality materials, by experienced professionals - is strategically let your products shine and be seen.

With over 30 years crafting wooden product display solutions, we know that one size doesn’t fit all in the retail world. However, there are common design strategies that work for all retailers. These tried-and-tested point-of-sale solutions cannot be overlooked if you want to sell more clothes:

1. Think beyond one dimension
Depth and height play an important role in your store’s appeal. Vary your visuals, mixing up the range of levels, colours and designs without overcomplicating things. Some items can be laid out on a flat table while others can be brought to attention on a higher wooden cube display shelf (perfect for hats and shoes). Maybe hang some coats or dresses from the ceiling on a thick rope for Scandi-style simplicity. Remember to display best sellers at eye-level and less popular products on lower levels. Walk around and imagine shopping from a customer’s perspective: where do your eyes naturally wander first?

2. Inspire, don’t distract
Less really is more when it comes to retail design. It’s easy to overdo it, especially without a clear vision from a qualified design team. That’s why we make sure we work closely with all of our clients to make sure we pull out the key attributes they want customers to notice. We also use wood. Why? A wooden product display is versatile, natural, warm, functional, sustainable, beautiful and simple. Make sure the type of wooden display counter or shelving unit you use supports your brand style and ethos - you can read more about our FSC-certified timber here.

3. Create space
Shopper instinct unconsciously tells us that the less space there is in a store, the cheaper the products will be. Depending on your brand, this isn’t necessarily a good thing. If you’re a luxury designer, you don’t want to give off bargain-basement vibes. If you’re selling high-end shirts, for example, make sure there are wide gaps between the hangers they’re displayed on, or space out neatly folded piles on a wooden shirt display. Customers will understand that there are higher quality items on sale if your visual merchandising is spaced-out and elegant, like an art gallery.

4. Think outside the (display) box
You don’t always have to use a standard shelf. Get inspired by other kinds of stores - even if they sell flowers or antiques as opposed to clothing - then creatively borrow ideas from them. There are no rules. For example, you can use a set of wooden display barrels for sale, as a quirky point-of-sale solution to flog lower-priced accessories. Play with textures, colours and shapes - then move displays around to avoid your store getting stale.

5. Group products together
Grouping similar products together not only makes the shopper experience more comfortable and saves them time, it also makes them more likely to buy items they’re interested in. Just as supermarkets put the Doritos next to the dips, placing products commonly bought together in the same area improves sales. If you have a tray full of cufflinks to sell, put it right next to your wooden shirt display. Put hats and scarves on the same table. Bras and knickers. Socks and shoes. And when there are no direct links between products, try organising your displays in accordance to colour, cost, or size of the item.

As with any other element of retailing, your wooden product display strategies are all about trial and error. The good thing is, we’ve done all of the trials, and made all of the improvements, to reach the highest standard of display solutions for clothing stores. Get your display right and it’s like hiring your cheapest employee ever. A good wooden display counter, shelf or unit will sell products for you - and we’re on-hand to craft the very best and make sure you receive just that. Get in touch.

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