Make an impact: Four eco-friendly marketing strategies that work

There are a number of reasons you might be considering greener strategies for your business. One of them is genuine concern for the environment - protecting the planet and everything on it. Another is the appeal of a green brand to customers. The environmental impact of a company is something today’s shoppers definitely consider when making purchases. So if you’re serious about sales and sustainability, sending out a green message with your marketing will engage consumers who care. Here’s how to walk your talk and make eco-led strategies reality:

Prioritise working with green companies

It’s refreshing to see more and more companies rolling out environmentally friendly policies and strategies. Find out which brands align with your own philosophies, goals and objectives and see how you can partner-up. Many of our clients come to us looking for retail display manufacturers that promote sustainability. For example, Admiral Display are bound by globally recognised standards of responsible forestry practices (the Forest Steward Council, or FSC), so clients are assured they’re getting a top-quality wooden display, without harming the planet.

Go local

As well as working with green vendors and suppliers, supporting local companies can hugely reduce your carbon footprint. Customers value local businesses, so finding stores you can place point-of-purchase sales in your nearby area can be a massive selling point. Environmentally, local deliveries slash gas consumption, so you can make both a community and global impact in one green swoop. Make sure you set a good example to local businesses by practices eco-friendly procedures in all areas of your business.

Use sustainable materials

Eco-friendliness should be a solid business strategy that touches on every part of your brand’s procedures and philosophies. Whether you focus on using recycled paper, non-toxic ingredients or forest-friendly wood, there’s plenty you can do to conserve resources in your company. If your presence is in-store as well as online, consider using environmentally friendly materials in your sales stands.

Spread the word about your efforts

Going green isn’t a marketing gimmick. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make sure customers know about your eco-friendly achievements. Be proactive. Communicate your values. Provide full access to the details of your products and practices. Report progress transparently (that means not hiding bad news). Enter award ceremonies. Create green guides for customers. Label your products, packaging and retail displays with any appropriate certifications, whether that’s the Certified Organic logo or the FSC emblem. These labels immediately help potential customers identify and familiarise your brand and build confidence in the quality of your sustainable products or services.

From eco-friendly partnerships to less landfill waste, green business practices feel good. Yes - for the planet, but also for your brand’s return-on-investment. Get in touch to see how we can help you further your sustainable efforts - our forest-friendly displays make us a smart choice when choosing retail display manufacturers to help boost point-of-purchase sales.

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