A buyer's guide to magazine racks and display stands

To say in-store marketing has evolved over the last two decades is an understatement. From shifting buyer behaviours to publishers’ budgets, point-of-purchase (POP) patterns are constantly shifting. Whether you're dispensing magazines or catalogues, leaflets or joke books, magazine racks can help increase the chances of actually selling them.

Our expert team have been crafting wooden magazine racks and other display solutions for over 30 years, so we’ve racked up a few tips and tricks when it comes to getting them just right. From brand managers to visual merchandisers, our clients want innovate solutions that spur impulse buys, at a price that doesn’t cost a small fortune - and that’s exactly what this magazine display stand guide will show you.

Why should I use a magazine display stand?

To sell more copies, right? The most important reason for investing in magazine racks and other POP displays is for a short-term sales lift, according to a survey by The Path to Purchase Institute. If you need a quick bump-up in readership figures, setting up a magazine display stand in a well-suited store is a worthwhile marketing investment. The second most important reason (voted for by 23.3% of those surveyed) was the introduction of a new product. If a new magazine is thrown on the main shelves among the masses of titles, it stands very little chance of being seen. Independent magazine racks make new publications instantly visible and are the best way to promote a new title. A strong launch will make your marketing efforts immeasurably easier in the future, too - if you sell well in shops you’ll find yourself better positioned in the main magazine racks for future issues.

What types of magazine racks are available?

We specialise in designing and manufacturing custom-built, cost-effective magazine racks. The beauty in this is that we can work with you to craft the perfect magazine display stand for the space you’re working with. Whether you want your magazine display stand to sit on a countertop, stand alone on a floor space or mount to the wall, we’ll work with you to create the most a professional wooden display solution that will drive sales and keep your product in brilliant condition. From A4 magazines to teeny leaflets, dimensions can be crafted to suit the space and product you’re promoting.

Where should I place my magazine display stand in store?

Location of magazine racks in the physical store has a huge influence on sales. By placing a magazine display stand in a store hotspot, you can increase sales of titles by 229% (according to research by Russell R. Mueller). An obvious placement is the checkout - customers can’t avoid seeing products here. Most checkout displays hold desirable but low-cost items such as chocolate or magazines, that are inexpensive enough to encourage an impulse buy. Many magazine racks are also placed close to the entrance of a store - another area of high footfall. Consider the store you set up your magazine display stand - is it an organic fit for your target customer? Will those coming through the doors be interested in the magazine you’re trying to sell? For example, a music title would work well promoted on a magazine display stand at the tills in HMV, or a vegan recipe magazine in Holland & Barrett.

How many items will a magazine display stand hold?

That all depends on what you want. Whether that’s five (to show off a brand new publication) or 50 (to shift faster-moving titles), the capacity of a unit can be catered to your needs. Another factor to consider is how often you’ll need to refill your magazine display stand - and where you’ll store the spares. We provided the solution to this when we created a top-quality newspaper dispenser for The Guardian and Observer - crafting POP solutions for over 400 Starbucks coffee shops around the UK. These were simple to clean, highly mobile and had a nifty hidden storage compartment underneath for extra publications.

How can I draw attention to my magazine display stand?

A rack is a silent salesperson, demanding the attention of a customer. Make sure there’s no clutter around the magazine display stand - keep it as simple as possible and you’re more likely to convert browsers into buyers. Also be sure the signage on the backdrop of your magazine display stand is crystal clear and understood at a glance. Smart signage will increase brand visibility and in turn, the chances of customers buying the magazine in the future. Subtle magazine racks can aid in focussing your customers’ attention on the actual magazines you’re trying to sell - keep it plain and simple with our beautiful eco-friendly wooden displays and let your products really pop.

Do magazine racks need to be a permanent in-store fixture?

It’s important to dabble with both permanent and semi-permanent displays in stores. The 2016 P-O-P trends survey showed that temporary displays gave an average sales increase of 24%, compared to 19% for permanent stands. The good news is that our magazine racks can be made portable, meaning setting them up in various stores at different points in the year is simple. If your magazine is a specialist title, mobile magazine racks are important for one-time promotions at events, such as a knitting magazine display stand at a craft fair or a gluten-free title at a free-from food festival.

Another reason wooden magazine racks are beneficial to send retailers is due to their easy customisable aesthetic. Almost 50% of those questioned in the 2016 P-O-P trends survey said that vendor-supplied point-of-purchase racks needed to fit in with the look and feel of stores. All of our magazine racks and other POP displays blend into shops organically - get in touch to see how we can create a winning magazine display stand to reach your sales goals. We’ve worked with the nation’s leading brands and are happy to assist in your marketing ventures.

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