Five questions to ask retail display companies before you work with them

The most effective point-of-purchase displays are crafted with a specific goal and customer in mind - it’s crucial that retail display companies can work with you to achieve these objectives. From confectionary businesses to garden centres, brands with excellent point-of-sale displays sell more products.

Whether you’re a marketing manager looking for top-quality stands to meet clients’ high standards or a visual merchandiser looking for retail display companies to bring your ideas to life, every goal is different. Before you wade right in, here are five questions you should think about as you approach retail display racks manufacturers.

1. Can I see an example of the display stand before I go ahead?

All retail display companies work a little differently, so it’s always worth checking the design process of each. We know it can be nerve wracking to give the go-ahead on a project without being positively certain of the outcome, so we develop a full-scale prototype of each display stand we create. These example displays - created using the latest Solidworks 3D CAD software - give our clients peace of mind that our stands will satisfy their expectations. Our prototypes are designed at no extra cost, so you can see how the display will work in real life.

2. Do you take bespoke orders?

Don’t work with retail display companies that disregard details - no matter how small. We always listen to our clients carefully to make sure we 100% understand their requirements and can produce smart, cost-effective point-of-purchase solutions that deliver successful results. Ask about display stand manufacturers’ customisation offerings and whether they’ve worked on similar projects in the past. Go through the design process and how long a bespoke job takes compared to a regular job. Do they offer volume discounts? When you’re happy, document your brand guidelines to ensure the stand fits with your brand image and creates a synonymous customer experience throughout retail outlets.

3. What if there are changes to our schedule?

The world of retail is full of surprises and solid communication with display stand manufacturers will make your job much easier. Whether it’s a shop refit or a full product launch, there’s a lot that can change during a project. Retail display companies that understand the pressures associated with your job at hand and can be flexible to accommodate changes in schedule and distribution requests are gold.

4. What kind of materials do you work with?

Different materials have different costs, strengths, weaknesses and uses. From acrylic to metal, it all depends on your project at hand and the retail environment it’ll be in. Some display stand manufacturers specialise in a specific material - for example, our master craftsmen have been producing wooden displays for over 30 years now. That doesn’t mean we shy from other materials if needed - we also provide speciality services such as acrylic and steelwork, injection moulding and print to complement our wooden structures and satisfy all client requests.

5. Are your products sustainable?

With 44% of UK consumers ditching brands that don’t measure up environmentally, it pays to be green. Always ask a company about its eco-friendly policies if you want to boost your credentials among conscious customers and reduce your impact on the planet. Where are retail display companies sourcing materials? Can they be recycled? At Admiral Display, we believe sourcing our products ethically and sustainably is paramount to our products and the planet, which is why we’re also a FSC-certified producer by the Forestry Stewardship Council. This global organisation gives a high degree of credibility to our environmental standards.

Find out more about our top-quality shop displays, flexible services and how we work on our website. Our hands-on approach means you’ll always have someone to approach with any concerns, or to answer questions you may have about the bespoke build of your retail solution. Get in touch and see how our highly skilled team can craft the perfect point-of-sale solution for your project.

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