Our Ethos and Why We Care About The Environment

At Admiral, we are passionate about the environment and using sustainable materials that are not only great for the environment but are also of the highest quality for our customers.

As part of our company ethos we are a FSC certified company. The future of the world’s forests is very important – to the planet, to animals and to business, and being in an industry that uses wood as a primary material within our manufacturing process, we have taken the necessary measures to become an FSC certified business.


What is FSC certification?


FSC forest management certification is awarded to companies for responsible management of a forest or plantation area.

Wood sourced from forests can undergo many processes before it becomes a product, so the FSC chain of custody certification tracks FSC-certified material from forest to store.

At Admiral Display, we source all of our wood used to create bespoke point of sale stands from forests that have a responsible management in place.

Chain of custody certification from forest to end-user ensures that FSC materials and products have been checked at every stage of processing. Customers can then be certain that the products they are purchasing that have FSC labelling are genuinely FSC certified.


Why do we use wood?


Point of sale stands are a fantastic way of displaying your products in an attractive fashion. It can help to grab potential customers attention. Wood stands can help make your products stand out from competitors. Wood is incredibly versatile – it can be used to create a rustic, natural feel, or can be modernised and sleek.


- Wood is sustainable

- Wood is renewable

- Wood is warm and tactile

- Wood can be recycled at the end of its life

- Wood looks beautiful

- Wood is long lasting


At Admiral Display we understand the ins and outs of the material that we work with every day. By using an established manufacturer like Admiral Display, you know that you will receive a fantastic final product and work with professionals from your initial enquiry, through the design stage and right to the distribution. The craftsmanship of the wooden display stand, coupled with the first class expertise and support of our team, proves just how great the products know that you will get a great product coupled with first class expertise and support.

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