Retail display design: Gorgeous ideas for garden centre marketing

Few industries benefit more from smart retail display design than garden centres. As a customer, we now expect a garden centre or DIY store to have the same level of presentation as our high-street favourites. Custom retail displays can improve customer flow and maximise sales potential, but there are a few factors to consider if you want to be successful.

1. Retail display design: rain, wind or shine

Outdoor displays come with their own set of challenges. The problem of rain can be overcome with waterproof and corrosion-resistant materials. And anyone who has seen faded signs and stalls from sunlight knows how much of a turn-off it can be to a shopper. But smart use of materials can also address this unsightly issue. The best material? Wood. Timber is functional, long-lasting and will attract customers due to its warmth and versatility in custom retail displays. Work with a manufacturer with a proper understanding of wood: we blend first-class expertise, creative prowess and point-of-sales know-how to create beautiful and sustainable custom retail displays.

2. Branch out

Horticulture may be the primary reason to visit, but many garden centres are a destination in themselves now. If you’re lucky enough to have space to play with, expanding your offerings can be massively beneficial for business. Think about what other products or services fit with your brand and offer something that differs to the high-street norm. Greetings cards? Unique gifts? Pet supplies? Perhaps you could create custom retail displays for gardening and outdoor clothing, or a food hall specialising in local artisanal produce.

3. Break the mould

The beauty of custom retail displays is that you don’t have to stick to a one-size-fits-all structure. No idea is too big or too complicated with the right manufacturer - we’ll always take a hands-on approach to provide bespoke solutions for our clients at Admiral Display. With elements of a garden shed, along with faux grass and crisp autumn leaves, this retail display design for Dobbies/Peckish wild bird care stands out even among a saturated space filled with similar products.

4. Be sustainable

We’ve already shared our favourite eco-friendly marketing strategies - and there’s no business they apply to more than garden centres. It’s rare you’ll find a gardener or outdoor enthusiast without a care for the environment, but that doesn’t mean you should go green as a gimmick. Think about every touchpoint of your business and make sure the materials and strategies you use aren’t damaging the planet. Work with retail display design companies that reflect your eco-led philosophies and partner-up with them. Many of our clients come to us because they don’t want a display crafted with low-quality, disposable materials. What they do receive are beautiful custom retail displays that are globally recognised by the Forest Steward Council (FSC) for responsible forestry practices. Good wood = happy customers and happy planet.

We’ve designed and developed custom retail displays for garden centres for over 30 years. We’ll listen to your requirements carefully and present a smart, cost-effective retail display design that delivers results. Every display has a prototype - presented to you as we develop your full-scale display, free of charge. Our clients massively appreciate the opportunity to see how the display will look and work in their garden centre and make any tweaks if needed. Read more about how we work and get in touch to see how we can create an innovative solution that turns heads in your garden centre.

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