Shop display stands for health food brands

There's a ballooning demand for healthy food. You’ve no doubt seen the rise of good-for-you snacks packing out shop display stands at tills over the years, as well as special dietary products such as gluten-free, organic and vegan. This way of eating is more than a phenomenon - it’s now a way of life.

Organic fresh produce and dairy sales are topping the health food market at a record £2.2bn, according the this year’s Organic Market Report. And while healthier choices help natural food brands bounce back from the recession, consumer darlings Coca-Cola and McDonald’s are feeling the pinch.

More health food brands = more competition

This upward trajectory means health food brands have an excellent opportunity to reach more customers, making it easier than ever to guide them into confident purchases. But it also means health food shelves are extremely crowded.

We’ve created successful shop display stands for health food brands such as Eat Natural, so we know that shelf-to-customer communication needs to be crystal clear in order to put the spotlight on your brand and make purchase decisions instant. Consumers need to immediately see what your product is, what it does, and how it’s used in one mere glance at your shop display stands. 

Retail display stands UK health-conscious customers will love

It’s never been easier for customers to make confident, nutritional purchases in store. To create healthier public food choices, there are more and more interventions in retail display stands UK stores are experiencing. This means that it’s not only health stores pushing point-of-sale stands from organic or natural brands - British supermarkets and even chains such as Nisa and Costcutter are increasing the amount of healthy shop display stands, too.

Keeping shop display stands simple

Making things easy for your customer is the key to more sales. Guide them through confusion and swerve distraction to shift their focus to healthier choices with enticing branding and marketing. Natural products need natural shop display stands and wood evokes a richness and warmth metal cannot compare to. Strong connotations associated with keywords such as ‘eco’, ‘organic’ and ‘rustic’ mean that wooden POP displays compliment health food products and blend organically with your brand image.

Clean, organic aesthetics connect with your customers on an emotional level - and emotion sells. Shop display stands made out of wood are not only perfect for the kind of brand message health food companies want to send out, they’re also versatile, long-lasting, well-priced and look the part regardless of your retail image.

Location, location, location

Since snacking is a very common impulse buy, it’s important to place your health food shop display stands in an easy-to-reach location. Whether you’re selling vegetable crisps in a farm shop or nut bars in an organic retailer, the best places are near the door, till or food-to-go fixtures.

Use eco-friendly shop display stands

Shifts in consumer demands will continue to provides opportunities for health food brands. Part of the growth will not be possible without solid sales operations and shop display stands that make better-for-you options an easy impulse buy. But another factor pushing health-conscious consumers is sustainability.

If your brand champions natural, organic produce, you want your shop display stands to channel this healthy, planet-protecting philosophy (particularly if you’re targeting vegans or vegetarians). Read our eco-friendly ethos and you’ll see that we’ve acquired a solid reputation for conscious, environmentally friendly shop display stands. Our materials are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, an award to companies showing responsible management of the world’s forests. Learn more about our green goings-on and get in touch to find out how we can create retail display stands UK health-conscious customers will instantly be drawn to.

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