Choosing the best wooden store display for retail

Quality, durability and design are the holy trio of solid wooden store display craftsmanship. You need something that fits into your retail space, captures customers’ attention and makes products pretty much sell themselves. But of course, not all wooden shop display units are created equal. This guide will show you how to pick the best display options to increase sales and help you sleep at night.

Why wood?
Wooden shop display units are the best choice for brands that want to add warmth to the retail environment. They’re sustainable, renewable, functional and beautiful. Whether you’re a displaying jewellery or health food, quality wood provides a unique and tactile aesthetic with excellent longevity.

Wood is also one of the leading materials reclaimed for alternative uses. More and more manufacturers - as well as brand managers and visual merchandisers - are making renewable and recycled wood a priority.

What kind of wood is best?
The materials you use can say a lot about your brand. Everyone wants to contribute to the sustainable future of our planet and shoppers definitely consider the environmental impact of a company.

To develop an emotional and psychological connection with customers, thoughtful selection of materials for wooden shop display units create a stronger impact than simply giving the store a makeover every five years.

M&S is a huge leader for using FSC-certified wood on the high street, working with Rainforest Alliance to ensure its materials all come from verified forest-friendly sources. Our clients at Admiral Display all mirror this sustainable sensibility - they know they’re getting FSC-certified timber when they choose a wooden store display from us.

How do I find the right design?
There are two factors to consider when choosing wooden shop display units. One is whether the unit will highlight your specific products to make them easily accessible for shoppers. The other is that the display is consistent with your brand. From the finish to the fonts, your display needs to communicate to customers what your brand is all about.

Think about where your display is going to go. Will it sit against a shop wall? In this case, slatwall shelving is probably best. Next to the checkout area? Plump for an impulse tower. For maximum exposure in the centre of a store, free-standing ‘gondola’ displays are brilliant to show off products. Circular units are even better.

Another factor to consider is versatility. Wooden shop display units are chameleons, naturally accommodating a lengthy list of different products. They can be made so they’re easy to adjust, allowing you to adapt displays for new stock, and they’re conveniently simple to move if they outgrow the space they’re in.

Where can I buy wooden shop display units?

A little ‘retail theatre’ can help present your brand image, while smart functionality will show off your products correctly. It’s a real skill to combine the two, but a reputable craftsman and designer will be able to deliver a quality wooden store display that ticks all the boxes. Get in touch with our qualified and reliable team at Admiral Display and we’ll work hard to get the seamless results you need.

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