Five wood displays for retail stores to inspire your next project

Earthy, warm and inviting, wood displays for retail stores make sense if you want to create an appealing brand image while showcasing your products. One benefit of having a brick-and-mortar store that you can craft the perfect environment for customers, tapping into more senses than you can with an e-commerce shop.

So what kind of space do you want to create? Most of the time, simple is best. And when it comes to retail shelving, wood is simple. From rustic retail display fixtures to quirky shelving, bringing quality displays into your visual merchandising can help your products stand out more than ever before. These unique ideas will shower you in design inspiration.

Wood displays for retail stores that can help improve sales

1. These home-like wooden retail display shelves

Brand: Cole & Bright 

To create a special feeling of home for candle company Cole & Bright, it was especially important for us to create a warm palette. We implemented wooden tones and a warm white to allow the vivid colours of the brand’s candles to ‘pop’. From mid-floor fixtures to retail shelving, wood embodies the neutral and natural backdrop this candle store required to really show off the colourful, multi-sensory products on shelves.

2. This inviting newspaper display unit

Brands: Guardian & Observer/ Starbucks

When you’re selling products in a cosy environment, it helps to create cosy and rustic retail display fixtures. Like this newspaper display we supplied to over 400 Starbucks across the UK. Warm, neutral and homely, it invites shoppers to pick up a paper with their coffee. It’s hard-wearing, portable, easy to clean, and has a hidden little cupboard for spare stock.

3. This clever conceptual garden centre display

Brand: Duchy Originals

We designed this deconstructed garden shed to stand out as a point-of-sales area. Solid wood displays for retail stores last longer - this one was given a satin finish for a more luxe-led aesthetic that reflects the brand. There’s also an adjustable hanging space to prevent product display layouts from going stale and a leaflet holder for promotional material.

4. This simple, healthy-looking unit

Brand: Eat Natural

Eat Natural are a brand after our own heart, with a philosophy that less is always more. To complement the product’s simple and natural ingredients, we crafted simple and natural retail shelving. Wood used at Admiral Display is always FSC-certified, meaning it doesn’t harm the planet and has a lengthy lifespan.

5. These adorable wooden retail display shelves

Brand: Gardener’s Pal

To promote Gardener’s Pal ‘Little Pals’ range, we created wood displays for retail stores with a range of benefits. This one not only evokes the image of Grandma’s garden with its criss-cross trellis, but is kitted out with versatile loading options to display products. It’s crucial to mix displays up regularly to prevent them from becoming boring. These wooden retail display shelves are suitable for both indoors and out: perfect for garden centres.

Not only do wood displays for retail stores look naturally beautiful, they serve a plethora of purposes. Wood is structurally strong, durable, and can cost less than other materials. Astonishingly, wood is also the only building material that helps tackle climate change. We love brands that put sustainability at the heart of their display concepts. All of our wooden retail display shelves are FSC-certified, meaning we’re bound by globally recognised standards that promote friendly forestry practices. Get in touch and see how we can inspire and create your next project.

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